Welcome to Fjarðabyggð 

by Mayor Helga Jónsdóttir

"You're in a good place" is the motto for Fjarðabyggð. Everyone has her or his personal idea of what constitutes a good place to live. It is one thing to come to a place as a visitor and quite another to settle down there. Some choose to live in dense urban areas which hustle and bustle with coffeehouses, shops and restaurants at every corner, while others prefer peacefulness and closeness to nature. Some are quite satisfied with a limited selection of professional entertainment – even choosing to take part in creating their own in order to amuse themselves and fellow residents.


Nonetheless, there are certain things which most people consider prerequisites for calling a place "good" by modern standards. Security and trust rank high on the list – job security, a safety net if health or social circumstances lead to a need for assistance, safe traffic, confidence and trust in interactions with others, and a community which offers effectual, friendly basic services, for example at schools and health institutions.


Indeed, Fjarðabyggð defines itself as a family-friendly community – one of reliable, safe quality. We seek to offer the best options for education and recreation, with excellent sites abounding for varying outdoor activities. Progressive economic possibilities are also appearing. Diversity is growing and fresh opportunities are being created for developing services and making the most of the dynamic environment that is emerging as residents already present meet those who are arriving.


Our hearty welcome goes to each new resident. We want them to be able to blossom in every way in Fjarðabyggð, and for the community in turn to benefit from their abilities. For this reason we have joined forces with the Red Cross on innovative ways of receiving residents. We invite them to attend reception consultations in order to introduce them to municipal activities and give them the opportunity to explain their needs and expectations. We have a reception representative whose job it is to smooth the way for incoming residents to available services in the municipality and establish connections through social work. Furthermore, the reception representative should be able to handle all of the requests voiced by new residents and find the proper channels for responding to them. We ask for everyone's cooperation to enable us insofar as possible to attend to the needs of those moving here – whether their mother tongue is Icelandic or any foreign language.