Emergency services

Fjarðabyggð has a professional fire department which handles fire safety inspection and fire prevention and control, as well as ambulance services.   For emergencies phone 112


Health Services


Health care is offered in every town, and the Fjórðungssjúkrahús regional hospital is located in Norðfjörður.   There is easy access to primary health and dental care. Furthermore, specialists in various medical fields work regularly in Fjarðabyggð, for several days at a time. More detailed information is provided at the health care centres and at www.hsa.is.

  • Eskifjörður health care centre (Heilsugæslustöð), Strandgata 31, Tel. 476 1252.
  • Fáskrúðsfjörður health care centre (Heilsugæslustöð), Hlíðargata 60, Tel. 470 3080.
  • Reyðarfjörður health care centre (Heilsugæslustöð), Búðareyri 8, Tel. 470 1420.
  • Stöðvarfjörður health care centre (Heilsugæslustöð), Túngata 2, Tel. 470 3088.


The on-call telephone number for a doctor from the above centres is 856 9300.The regional hospital (Fjórðungssjúkrahús) and health care centre in Norðfjörður, Mýrargata 20, telephone 470 1450. The on-call telephone number for Norðfjörður after 16:00 is 862 4141.  For all emergencies, phone 112.

Religious services  

All of Fjarðabyggð's churches have active congregations. The state church, besides holding its traditional Lutheran services, has also serves Catholic residents, and Lutheran services are also offered in English. There is a Catholic monastery at Kollaleira in Reyðarfjörður. 


Social Services 

The primary activities of Fjarðabyggð Social Services revolve around general counselling, assistance for the disabled, services for the elderly, financial assistance, public rental housing, and family counselling and psychological services. Social Services also include Child Protection (Barnavernd), with the aim of guaranteeing acceptable conditions for children to grow up in.    The priority is to strengthen families in their child-rearing role and to take measures to protect children when necessary.  The direct telephone to Fjarðabyggð Child Protection in emergencies is 862 5095, though the general emergency number 112 may also be used.


Servics Centre

The Fjarðabyggð Service Centre (Þjónustumiðstöðin) manages the maintenance of water, sewer, and heating utilities. It also sees to traffic signs, maintaining and cleaning traffic routes, clearing snow, and controlling ice.   The service desk handles work requests and provides information on Service Centre operations and projects. The telephone number there is 470 9040, and the email address thjonusta@fjardabyggd.is


Waste and recycling

Household waste is collected every other week. Waste bins may be requested from the Service Centre at 470 9040. There is a collection station (Söfnunarstöð) in each town, accepting sorted and household waste free of charge.

  • Eskifjörður: The collection station is located in Hafnargata.
  • Fáskrúðsfjörður: The collection station is at Nesvegur 13.
  • Mjóifjörður: All waste is to be put in the designated container by the harbour.
  • Norðfjörður: The collectionstation is located next to the harbour for small vessels.
  • Reyðarfjörður: The collection station is on Hjallaleira.
  • Stöðvarfjörður: The collection station is on Byrgisnes.

Information on the operating hours of collection stations may be obtained by phoning 470 9000 or visiting www.fjardabyggd.is, which also displays waste collection schedules.  In addition, private companies offer recyclable waste bins for a monthly fee.

 Map of Fjarðabyggð

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